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This page will provide you with the latest updates regarding service issues.

13. juni 2017 af Service Desk - Project & Development

This page will keep you updated about any known errors on our large platforms. We will only update about severe errors influencing the editorial work or our users.

You should always start by checking this page before reporting an error. If the error is not listed on this page you can create a ticket in our service desk

White Album (WA)

  • Users can't see images (Medium)
    We found out that some users can't see images on any WA sites. They are all using a antivirus program (Heimdal or F-secure) that can be downloaded from their internet service provider (Telia or Yousee). Our image server has been blocked because of an old file that could contain malware.
    Status (7/6-17): We have deleted the file from the server and contacted the company that have quarantined our server.


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Other platforms

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