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Guides to our Jira installation for service disk and development tickets

9. juni 2017

About Jira

JIRA Service Desk is a hosted service desk platform developed by Atlassian. The system is a very popular help desk solution widely used by many popular open source projects. JIRA service desk is primarily deployed as a software development issue tracking tool by many software companies and has proven to be effective in identifying and tracking software bugs and their location. Coworkers can submit their requests via tickets.

How do I get support?

We have a Service Desk to report issues, ask questions etc. It is (almost) manned full time (within normal business hours) to keep the response time to a minimum. The service desk can be entered through the following link: https://whitealbum.dk/support

Which department is responsible?

Projects & Development (4th floor, strandboulevarden 130)

Jira Guide

You can access a users guide to JIRA through confluence. A direct link to the JIRA guide is located here: JIRA Guide.

Short Cuts

In case you are in need of a specific Jira guide, we have supplied you with a couple of short cuts and links below: