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Requests in Bonnier Service Desk

A step-by-step guide for requests in Bonnier Service Desk

13. juni 2017 af Linda Rogberg & Casper Trolle

In the following guide, you will learn how to make requests for any problems, new ideas or other enquiries that relates to a website, digital product or project. This request should be created in the system Bonnier Service Desk.

Please note: this is not a replacement of the IT Self Service Desk.

Step-by-step guide

  • If you have a new request for a project, go to the following link: whitealbum.dk/support

  • There are 5 options on the site, use if:Request a feature: you have an idea for a new or enhanced functionality on a project.
    • Report a problem: you want to report a bug or a problem.
    • Ask a question: you have a generel question regarding IT assistance.
    • Request a new account: you need a new account for one of our systems, fx. EPI-server.
    • SOS: you have an urgent request.

  • Once you click on an option, fill out the necessary information:
    • Summary: a short description of your request.
    • Description: insert relevant information about your request. Please be specific and detailed, as our Service Desk team use this information to file your issue in JIRA.
    • Attachment: attach any screenshots, files or images relevant for your request.
    • Priority: choose the urgency of your request - or leave at medium (default). Please note this is only an option for features and problems.

  • Press create.

  • After you have created your request, you can leave a comment and/or insert more files, screenshots and images. This is useful if you have further information in regards to the request.

  • You are done with your request now.

  • Await response from one of our Service Desk team members. You will be notified through your Bonnier e-mail.

  • Please note: Service Desk team might need additional information about your request, in order to set up your issue in Jira. In this case, you will be contacted through your Bonnier e-mail.