Example of the use of canonical link

Canonical link

Correct use of canonical link.

8. februar 2016 af Martin Jeppesen


About canonical link:

A canonical link is used in connection to content syndication. Content syndication means that when we share content across our sites or external sites the canonical link has to be used.

The canonical link tells the search engine that this is a copy and that the original content is accessible via the URL set as canonical link.


The editorial team on Woman wished to publish the article from iForm "friske muskler i en fart" https://iform.dk/traening/friske-muskler-i-en-fart.

Therefore we get two URLs with duplicated content:
Original URL: https://iform.dk/traening/friske-muskler-i-en-fart
Syndicated URL: https://woman.dk/livsstil/friske-muskler-i-en-fart

Due to that, the editorial team on Woman have to inset the original URL https://iform.dk/traening/friske-muskler-i-en-fart in the canonical link field in WhiteAlbum when they create their article.

When content syndication with external links it is important to make sure that they remember the canonical tag pointing back at our original URL.


Remember to paste the entire URL incl. http://

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