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Example of the use of canonical link

Canonical link

A nice example of how the Alt Text should be formed.
Exampel of Alt Text

This is how the "Alt text" field is filled out

Alt text - How to write it!

The Alt tag is used to describe what is shown on an image such that if the user cannot see the image he or she will still understand what is going on.

20. januar 2016 af Martin Jeppesen


The search engines (Google) only read the Alt Text and the file name of the image as they cannot interpret the image itself. This makes the Alt tag an important ranking factor with respect to image optimization and in particular the overall SEO.

ALT Tags best practice:

  • Describe the content of the image to the users as short and precise as possible
  • Use the most important keywords if possible (primary and secondary)
  • Avoid keyword stuffing - thus a string of keywords

If possible name the image file using a primary or secondary keyword.

Good example:
Image file: puppy.jpg
Alt: Labrador puppy plays with ball on a lawn

Bad example:
Image file: puppy.jpg
Alt: Puppy

Avoid completely:
Image file: puppy.jpg
Alt: Dog, puppy, puppies, Labrador puppy, cute puppy, Labrador